SOON BIG UPDATE 22-7-2014!!




Dream 64 is not an sid emulator just a plugin that can recreate sounds that are used in chip-music
Its inspired on the SID chip from the old but good commodore c64 Of course with some extra features for the fun
Main features
All sequencers have a start and end loop But start always at step one
startstep never can be higher then the end!!!
Every sequencer has is own BPM rate or all have one manual rate
8 step Wave Table sequencer with audio on/off (gate effect)
8 step Arp sequencer notes from c to c3 and one c4 note
8 step Ring modulation sequencer notes from c to c3 and one c4 note
a Bitcrusher only for the ringmod This is nice if you use the Wavetable
16 step easy to edit filtersequencer Can be used of nice bass sounds because it has an end step (will sustain)
Waveforms for the oscillator are saw triangle pulse noise ringmod mode. The noise is very special it can be pitched by key or fixed.
Oscillator octaves from -3 to 2
Ring modulation oscillator notes from c to c3 and one c4 note and a bitcrusher (this is nice for the wavetable sequencer)
2 LFOs with 21 waveforms BMP rates and manual with inverter
The LFOs can start (key synchrone) (host synchrone) and (free run)
Destinations of the LFOs are picth/pulse/ring osc and Filter
2 modulation envelopes with inverter and BPM retrigger (That extra feature i like )
Destinations Pitch/pulse/ring modulation
Filter Envelope can be switched to the filter sequencer
filters lowpass/hipass/bandpass/low and hipass/band and hipass/band and lowpass
Random for most of the controls
Reset most of the controls
double click is reset for most of the controls
bitcruscher before and after filter

An extra nice feature a BMP midi arp Its nice in combination with the sequencers when the midi arp is set on low BPM rate
(look at the presets with the name MIDI ARP xxxx. Theres also a free (manual rate) for the midi arp But if the free rate to high you only hear the first step of the sequencers!!!!

|Total of 109 presets so even if you don't understand the plugin its use full